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Good Money Week: 29 September to 5 October

Good Money Week (GMW), which runs from 29 September to 5 October, is an annual event all about helping people understand how they can make their money make a difference. More and more people are making ethical choices when they buy a coffee, choose a new car or select an energy provider for their home – but too few are aware that they also have options when it comes to their pensions and savings.

This year in GMW there is a particular emphasis on the topic of women and investing, with a focus on how to empower women to express their values in their everyday financial decisions.

Surveys reveal that whilst many people are interested in investing their money in a more sustainable way - particularly amongst the younger generation, just starting to make their first payments into their pensions - few have followed this through into action.

Realising the problem, the UK government set up an industry Advisory Group with the aim of creating a stronger culture of social investment in the UK. One of the key recommendations was that steps are needed to make it easier for people to invest, through raising awareness, providing better financial advice, and making sure that the right type of products are available.

Our objective for GMW is to use this as an opportunity to communicate a simple message as widely as possible – that people have the choice to invest their savings and pensions in line with their values. GMW has run for 11 years and has been highly successful in achieving national media presence, as well as social media.

Two events of particular relevance to the Taskforce’s work include:

  • Consumer Research Show & Tell - 2 October. This event will explore what motivates people to invest in social impact and what we can learn from charitable giving to build better propositions.

  • Shack (Social Impact Hackathon) - 4 October. An event to accelerate innovation in the Social Impact Investing space by developing new ideas to engage consumers and make it easier to invest. Contact Caitlin Wale for more information.

Further details are available on the Good Money Week website. If you have any queries or would like to support Good Money Week please email:

Social Investment Business