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Growing a culture of social

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Close-Out Report for the Implementation Taskforce on Growing a Culture of Social Impact Investing in the UK.

The close-out report of the Implementation Taskforce summarises the work and momentum that has been achieved over the past year to grow a culture of social impact investing in the UK.

The Taskforce has made important progress in following through on many of the recommendations from the Advisory Group’s report to Government in 2017, undertaking a range of activities that support its overall aims: raising awareness and sharing information with key stakeholders; influencing regulation and working closely with government; and building stronger engagement across sectors.

The report not only highlights progress, but also draws attention to the continuing need for work by this sort of body in engaging new entrants, facilitating collaborations, catalysing action and convening collective responses.

The Taskforce is grateful for the many volunteers who committed their time, energy and support drive this forward. Its work will continue through the new Impact Investing Institute, a new joint venture between the Taskforce and the UK National Advisory Body on Impact Investing. If you are interested in finding out more about the Institute, please sign up to the mailing list here.